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Salad with boiled egg, cherry tomato, cashew, spring mix
Brown rice, natto, and soy sauce
Boiled sweet potato

1/2 cup of steel cut oat with banana and yogurt and strawberries

Japchae noodles with tofu, black bean, egg, sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, kale, carrot, kimchi, purple cabbage, and miso soup

Last instant noodles with cucumber, egg, and tofu before groceries

Instant noodles with udon noodles and tomato, taro, mushroom, egg

Brown rice stir fried with egg, tofu, asparagus, carrot, green bean, corn, leek, salt and pepper

Vietnamese rice vermicelli (banh hoi) rolled in rice paper with egg, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, tofu, and soy sauce

1/4 cup of raw steel cut oat
1/2 cup of cooked red bean
1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt

Instant noodles with udon noodles and tomato, egg, taro, and green onion

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